Like Christ is in the “experiment stage.” We know what we want to be as an independent spiritual community, but we’re still in the process of putting the pieces together so that we can embody our vision, mission, and values in real life.

One thing that is clear to our whole team, even at this early stage: we are not a “church” that is here to compete with other churches for members. We are a spiritual community completely dedicated to understanding, practicing, and embodying Jesus’ Way in every dimension of our lives. Anyone who shares that desire is welcome, whether you have a home church that you still love or even if “organized religion” isn’t for you, man.


Like Christ Spiritual Community is here to do what Jesus says to do, to become the enlightened people that God created us to be. 


The mission of Like Christ is to help each person encounter Jesus Christ, understand his commands, learn to practice his Way, and embody his Spirit – for our own well-being and for the well-being of our world. 


  • The Sermon on the Mount is the most complete, most direct, and most practical expression of Jesus’ vision for our enlightenment. 

“Christianity” as a religion is a little confused right now about what it means to be a disciple of Christ. We are not confused at all. To follow Jesus means to enact the Sermon on the Mount in every dimension of our lives, and that’s what we’re here to do.

  • The Sermon on the Mount is easy to talk about and hard to do. 

The enactment of Jesus’ Way requires deep understanding, personal commitment, practice and training, and the support of a healthy spiritual community. 

  • Enlightenment is a process of spiritual growth that takes time. 

The process begins with our first contact with Jesus and his teaching. It continues as a personal commitment to practice Jesus’ commands for ourselves. After long practice, we embody Christ as the Holy Spirit transforms our souls to be like him. 

  • Everyone is welcome, but we are here to grow. 

Every soul is at a different stage in the process of spiritual growth. A healthy spiritual community works with each person where they are, and gently helps them move toward Christ-likeness and enlightenment in the way that is best for them. 

  • Our organization must embody Jesus’ Way as much as the individuals who form it. 

To be worthy of our calling as his disciples, we seek to align ourselves with Jesus’ own values in every decision that we make together, even when it keeps the organization from achieving some material success. 


Weekly in-person gatherings to:

  • Orient our souls to God and the universe through prayer and singing. 
  • Learn what Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount (Jesus: A Field Manual). 
  • Discuss how to enact Jesus’ vision in our unique lives. 

Online community:

  • Weekly video-podcast discussions of Jesus: A Field Manual and other material to help with the enactment of Jesus’ message. 
  • Live YouTube sessions to engage with our online community and include their questions, answers, and comments.
  • Zoom sessions to provide more detailed and interactive spiritual direction. 
  • An active email list, including a monthly newsletter about what’s happening with Like Christ and availability for one-to-one spiritual direction. 

Web resources for our members and our online community, including:

  • Our vision, mission, and values.
  • The Sermon on the Mount (text and audio). 
  • The full text of Jesus: A Field Manual.
  • Guidance on spiritual disciplines. 
  • Links to connect with our community. 
  • A portal to give to support Like Christ and the work of Jaime Mendez in the Laconda jungle of Central America. 
  • Social media to reach people who are seeking a deeper relationship with God, and to further define our community identity.